Thanks Mrs Paul,

Governors Bay School

You were such an amazing teacher, so kind and generous. You helped me with my learning and came up with many ways to make things fun. Thank you for everything and I hope you are enjoying your new job.

from Scarlett Rhodes

Thanks Mrs Blackwell,

Governors Bay School

Thanks for helping me with my work and to persevere until I’m finished. I love the way you encourage me through maths, reading and language over the past few years I have been in your class. Thanks a million 🙂

from Mckenzie Mann!


Governors Bay School

You  have helped me in every single subject and I have understood everything you have taught me. You have been an amazing teacher.You have come up with lots of creative ways to make our writing sound better plus you have given me great ideas, if something was wrong you would give me something to think about changing.


Thanks Mrs Mortlock,

Governors Bay School

Thank you so much for teaching me, when I was in year six we all shared some pretty awesome times from doing shots with silver beet juice to making compost and gagging because of the Blood and Bone mix that we used. Thank you for all of the time and money you have put in to get all of the ingredients and to organise what we are making, thank you so much.

from Indy Wilton

Thanks Mr Rick Wardrop,

Casebrook Intermediate

You were instrumental in giving me confidence and encouragement in my abilities and advocated for me when I needed it. Your caring approach to my education was the start of something special. I went on to get tertiary study and now work in a field aimed at creating better outcomes for children. I wanted to know that I have never forgotten how good you were to me. Thank you so much.

from Jo Malcolm-Black

Thanks Miss Whiteside,

Governors Bay School

Miss Whiteside your fun, creative and humorous  personality makes the world a better place. You are an incredible teacher and I know you will carry on this way. You always pushed me to the highest I can go and I hope I was a good student. I am sad my experience with you is over and I wish you could be my teacher again. I miss you heaps and HAPPY ENGAGEMENT!!!!
PS: Your sport ability was INCREDIBLE!!!!

from Saskia

Thanks Mr Van Waardenburg,

Otahuhu College

You were an inspirational teacher who encouraged me to be the best I can be musically. Your passion for the subject and skill as well as content knowledge definitely inspired me to pursue studying music at tertiary level and later on pursuing a diploma in teaching music. I will never forget you and hope that I have that same passion and drive for the students I teach. RIP.

from Anne-Marie Lalakai

Thanks Mr Salem,

Hutt Valley High School

Your genuine caring attitude showed me that despite all I faced, someone cared. Knowing this stopped me from taking my life back then, and now inspires me in my studies to be a counsellor. I know there will be many people you have impacted in a similar way over the years, and yet you probably don’t get to hear the successes we become after we leave High School. Thank you, never forget how important it can be to simply care.

from Del

Thanks Carol Burborough,

Maeroa Intermediate

Mrs Burborough gave me confidence to think outside the square and she encouraged all of us to be our best selves. It is over 30 years since she taught me but I’ve always remembered her cause she had a great relationship with her students. Just this year, I tracked her down to thank her but I wanted to make sure other people know too. Success should be celebrated 🙂

from Lisette Rawson

Thanks Ron Pearcy,

Lytton Street School

You were full of surprises. I will never forget your classroom which was like an art museum, zoo and biology lab all in one. There was a REAL talking magpie in a cage, there were stuffed animals and birds , fish tanks, wormeries, fossils of shells in rocks taken from nearby mountain ranges, artistic mobiles hanging from the ceiling spinning in the breeze, posters, paintings, maps on the walls. You played the piano,  conducted and trained the school choir, drew huge sketches in coloured chalk of Robin Hood and other famous characters on the blackboard  and in Form 1 (Yr 7) took 35 of us for an UNFORGETTABLE 6 day tour of the North Island in a bus during school time visiting farms, Te Rehunga dairy and cheese factory, Peter Pan Ice cream factory, Rothmans tobacco factory, orchards, wineries, hydro-electric and geothermal power stations, Maori marae, the Port of Napier, Whakarewarewa in Rotorua, Fairy Springs, the Trout hatchery and we stayed at schools at night. He was handsome, eccentric, talented, a big tease and so much fun! Best of all we learned sooooo much!

from Denis Tate