Thanks Sue Turner,

Kaikohe Intermediate

Thank you Ms Turner for all the wonderful and inspiring lessons. I loved being in your class not only as my teacher but the many hours you spent helping us at lunchtimes and afterschool. You were always positive, motivating and put alot effort into your lessons . I loved your outfits, hair and you always made sure we had a vibrant colourful classroom. Thank you for making learning fun.

from Suzanne Coleman

Thanks Andrea Harborne,

Epsom Girls Grammar School

Thank you so much for installing self afficacy into me in your dynamic physical education lessons. You were always so vibrantly presented, always smiling and always asking me how I was. I was a hostel girl and you made my years at EGGS so enjoyable. You brought the best out of me and you were always ever so helpful ,caring, providing me with sporting opportunites, part time work and the want to go to school to learn and be physically active life long. Thank you so much for all your good energy, work ethic, enjoyable lessons and vibrancy for life you installed into me. I loved those years.

from Suzanne Coleman

Thanks Karen Sturgeon,

Northland School

Thanks for inspiring and encouraging Jack with his reading. I’m so in awe of your approach to teaching and it’s positive effect – you obviously love what you do. Such an asset to Northland School. Yay for great teachers!!!!

from Brooke

Thanks Jack Marsilio,

Kelburn Normal School

Thanks Miss Brown. You are soooooo awesome. Every time I walk through Kelburn I think of you and the fun we had in your classroom. I love school thanks to you!!!

from Jack Marsilio

Thanks Mr Kowhai,

Manukorihi Intermediate

Tena koe, maatua! Thank you for staying true to who you are & encouraging each & every one of us to do the same. Thanks for sharing your gift of waiata, guitar & humour – all whilst ensuring we learnt. At a time when I spent more time in detention than I care to recall, you helped me to realise that my choices created my future; it wasn’t in the curriculum, it was effective. On the last day of school, you gave us individual, fun gifts (also not in the curriculum), mine was a toy watch with a card saying: So you don’t have to keep saying,’Hang on a minute’. Ironically, I still struggle a bit with time 🙂 My postgraduate diploma would’ve been a lost dream, were it not for teachers like you. Kia ora/Thank you for investing in a wayward child, my life has been (& continues to be) full & fun with life-long learning a key component.

from Lee Ann T

Thanks Miss Pitt,

Waitara East School

The huuugest thank you for welcoming me into your class at my new school. You made learning fun. Who knew that your introducing me to social studies & the world of arts & cultures way would’ve led me to a life of extensive travel & living a very full life in 7 other countries? Kia ora. Gracias. Dziekuje. Thanks!

from Lee Ann T

Thanks Matua Rihari Wilson,

Manurewa East School

Thank you Matua Rihari for the beautiful language you have taught me. You  are one of my favourite teachers. I have learnt so much from you. You make me want to be a teacher in Te Reo Maori.

from Breize Rawiri

Thanks Miss Te Wake,

Manurewa East School

Thank you Miss Te Wake for teaching me on how to play the ukulele it is beautiful play and listen to. I have learnt so much from you something I will treasure forever.

from Breize Rawiri

Thanks Mr Bruce White,

Western Heights High School

You were the best teacher I ever had and inspired me to try hard to master the very difficult subject for me that is maths.

from Barbara Hastings

Thanks Lois Hill,

Bishop Viard College

Amazing lady with huge patience. Thoroughly enjoyed being taught by her

from Susan Cameron (nee yates)