Thanks Mrs Schmidt,

The teacher who had the greatest impact on my life was my Year 8 math teacher, Mrs Schmidt. Growing up in Samoa was very hard, the worst part was school where the teachers were allowed to discipline the kids, from full brutal punches on the back, to the open/closed-palm slaps on the face, even to the old 1 meter stick/timber to the butt several times. Not only the teachers, but bullying was a natural everyday thing at school, from gang beatings to close-to sexual assaults. The only person that seemed to live in a more civilized world at the time was Mrs Schmidt. She taught me more than maths, she taught me how to become better and sheltered me from causing trouble, she was almost like a second mum. 5 years later at a university graduation ceremony, they announced my name and I received a large gold trophy, awarded for the Top Overall Mathematics student in the country, plus a certificate in Science.Thanks Ms Schmidt, where ever you are right now 🙂

from Jay