Thanks Mr Tom Gerrard,

My favourite teacher was a guy called Tom Gerrard. Tom became headmaster of Rosmini College in my last (7th Form) year there, 1976. He is still principal of Rosmini, 38 years later (the longest serving principal in NZ currently).

Tom, you always were a wee bit of a larrikin, a rebel. You loved a drink, a bet at the TAB, and pretty women – not your standard Catholic school headmaster role model! But you have a priceless gift for recognising raw potential and encouraging those, like me, who were lazy, distracted, but had some sort of inner desire to do something with our lives. You inspired me in 1976 and, throughout our long friendship since, you have continued to do so. I salute you.

from Martin Snedden
Mr Tom Gerrard