Thanks Mr Monson,

You were our standard 3 teacher back in 1982 (or 83 it was a long time ago). You let us develop at our own pace in our own way, I remember creating a hot air balloon that we saw on ‘What Now.’ You encouraged me to write away and get the plans then spent numerous sessions in class helping me to create it. It burnt on takeoff but it was still cool to make!
I hated that you made me be part of the school play, I just wanted to hide in the background, but you encouraged me to participate.
I also recall hearing how you had to borrow books from the Standard 4 class, it was a pain for you to do, but you never complained and always kept my insatable reading apetite fed. Your dedication to your little charges has given me a strong sense of what kind of father I have been so far and will be in the future to my own little charge(s) and you also instilled me with a strong sense of self belief.
Thanks Mr Monson! Cool Bananas!

from Mike