Thanks Mr L C M Saunders,

My most inspirational teacher was L C M Saunders because at the age of 12/13 he set me on the way to having an intense interest in and involvement with music which lead in turn to my enjoying and appreciating other disciplines of the arts. From that early age he introduced us to and had us participating in great choral music in particular. (Weekly anthems in Chapel and annually a truncated version of the Messiah and of St Matthew’s Passion as well as a Gilbert and Sullivan musical or the equivalent.)

His ability to motivate and excite made him a most influential choir master and left many of us with a lasting legacy. This is attested to by the Charitable Trust a number of us set up in his name for ongoing choral scholarships at the Holy Trinity Cathedral. That he was a very knowledgeable musician is demonstrated by the fact that, amongst other things, he was the New Zealand Herald’s music critic for decades.


from Sir James Wallace
Mr L C M Saunders