Thanks Mr David Parker,

Inspirational for me was the late David Parker, my fifth form ‘form teacher’ at Auckland Grammar School in 1963. He made Shakespeare palatable and with his keen sense of observation and a cutting lucid wit every lesson was an exercise in sheer bliss for me.  He knew exactly how to deal with a bunch of extroverted hormonal teenage louts and used humour to gain our attention and total respect. We had Mr. Parker for the first period every Monday morning, a hideous start to any teacher’s week as most of us were not the slightest bit interested in adjusting to pouring over textbooks.  He addressed us in the same fashion every Monday morning.

“All right lads, I humbly suggest you refrain from boring each other with overblown mythical accounts of your weekend sexual exploits and let us attend to the reality at hand — the desperate search for meaning in the glories of English literature.”


from John Hawkesby
Mr David Parker