Thanks Mother Maher,

My entire school life from age four and a half was at Baradene College in Auckland , although in those days it was known Sacre Coeur. Virtually all the teachers were nuns and as a “closed order” they barely ever ventured outside of the school gates. In spite of this they were a savvy, well connected and in my view inspirational. I struggled as the years went on with some of the conformity, but at the same time got huge academic encouragement which was a bit rare in those days. Aside from visiting priests it was obviously a very female dominated world and I grew to believe that women simply could do everything, and within the school grounds, they did! Whenever any old girls get together we end up talking about Mother Maher, who was an authoritarian of whom we were all terrified but extraordinarily compassionate and astute. Eventually as the nuns spent more time in the outside world, she became a social worker. An extraordinary woman who crossed many boundaries in her life and did make me believe in the impossible.

from Dame Rosanne Meo - DNZM, OBE
Mother Maher