Thanks Ian Thompson,

I had a serious spinal injury in my last year (year 13) of school which meant I had to take over 3 months off as I was in a spinal brace. My History teacher, Ian Thompson, arranged for my English and History classes to be held at my house, and personally organised for a minibus to transport the students to my home for their classes so I could participate. He also collected all my work from all my other classes and drove to my house every day after school, spending an hour at my house going over all my work with me so I could keep up. Words can’t explain how grateful I was that I had this opportunity to keep studying. He even lobbied my school to make sure I was eligible for exams as I had missed attending so many days of school. He was one of the first people I called when I got an A Bursary to University. He came to my 21st birthday party and we kept in touch throughout my University years. Sadly he passed away of cancer not long after that, but he left me with a deep appreciation and gratitude of all he had done to help me, a student – just one of many at my school. The turnout at his funeral was phenomenal – a tribute that so many ex and current students came to show their respect and gratitude for this wonderful teacher and all he did to inspire and motivate. I am forever grateful for Mr Thompson and all he did for me. He did so much for no pay, no expectation of any recompense other than that of helping a student. I wish he were still alive today so we could reminisce over those times and he would know how much his help meant to me. I wrote to his family after he died to explain what he had done and how grateful I was for his cheerful and tenacious support, and how I will never forget him in my lifetime.

from Toni