Thanks Dennis Lillee,

During the early 1970’s I was a promising young fast bowler who had potential but was failing to achieve what was expected. I had long admired Australian fast bowler, Dennis Lillee (355 test wickets) who epitomized what fast bowling was all about. He was big, strong, fit, confident and aggressive with a marvellous bowling technique and wonderful skills (pace, swing and seam). He had a presence on the field – he was an enforcer who intimidated the opposing batsmen. In simple terms he was impressive and successful – arguably the greatest fast bowler of all time. In my contacts with him both on and off the field I learned a lot about his preparation and how he analysed the batsman to get them out. He was the role model who inspired me to greater success. If I wanted emulate what he achieved I needed to make big changes to my fitness program, technique and the psychology of bowling. I later surpassed all his records to become the first bowler in test history to capture 400 test wickets.


from Sir Richard Hadlee
Dennis Lillee