Thanks Colin Dale,

Thanks Colin Dale for starting me on my own personal learning journey with digital technologies -and giving me my first teaching job in NZ!  Your vision for 21st century learning was truly inspirational to me.  You certainly surround yourself with incredible people who all want to provide powerful learning opportunities that redefine teaching and who model lifelong learning.  You model lifelong learning.  I thank you for your transformational leadership.   I left MBI after two years feeling like I had been to uni as my learning had been so profound.  Working in an e-class in 2006 with an IWB in 2007 opened my eyes to the potential that learning with digital technologies could have in our schools and on our young people.  Thank Colin, for your continued belief in me and for supporting and nurturing many of New Zealand’s educational leaders.  PS:  It always amazed me how you could say (and believe) that the teachers and students each year were the best you had ever seen,  I think that says a lot about the school culture and the senior leadership team.  Ka Pai!

from Diana Wilkes