Thanks Allan Bond,

You were an amazing teacher. Your belief in my ability made me believe in myself. Thank you.

from Cheree

Thanks Mrs Roundhill,

You were an amazing teacher and made me realise that teaching geography was the way to go. I am currently in second year at Vic Uni learning teaching and a huge part of this is because of you.


from Sarah P

Thanks Ms Jones,

Thank you Miss for everything you have done for us throughout the year and for being so supportive. Thank you.

from Morgan

Thanks Miss Bowden,

You are the best teacher because you let us do whatever we want only if we bring our homework.

from Jayelle

Thanks Mrs Hill,

Hannah will not be where she is now on her educational journey without your input in her formative years at school. Thanks so much.

from Pangy

Thanks Marja,

Thanks for inspiring me to push myself to strive for excellence. Your passion, enthusiasm and positive role modelling as a strong woman has always a lifelong impact. I was so nervous and shy at 9 years old when we first met. You made me feel at home.

from Moana

Thanks Sister Christine,

You taught me so much. Especially not to worry about my untidy writing style – and then I didn’t. You taught me how to embroider. You showed me kindness. For all this, and much more. Thank you.

from Lorraine

Thanks Ash,

Thank you for being the best teacher ever. You have introduced me to so many new things and people in my life. I cant imagine what my life would be like without all the things you taught me. Thank you Ash.

from Khulan

Thanks Miss Barnes,

Your a awesome teacher. You can teach soccer, cricket, rugby, netball, floor ball and miniball. I am sure we will have a great year full of sport. Cheers.

from Molly

Thanks Sr Elizabeth,

Thank you for making my first year at school so happy. You started my love of learning.

from Diane