Thanks Mrs Paul,

Governors Bay School

Thank you ever so much for everything!
Without you, I doubt I would be even be able to write this letter!
I hope you enjoy your new job!
We’ve missed you lots, you taught us to spell, to read and to do maths.
You were a really fun teacher!

from Riley Flanagan

Thanks Mrs McNulty,

Governors Bay School

Mrs McNulty you gave me the best start in life that anyone can receive. Thank you for being there for me at such a young age. You inspired me to learn and I will benefit from it in later life. Thank you again

from Saskia

Thanks All the teachers,

Aranui High School

Past and present teachers deserve a big thank you ! You have changed so many lives , many of you without even knowing it ! From the big acts to the small  seemingly innocuous words- you have made a difference to every student that walks through those gates.
To name a few – Jackie young – a straight talker who challenges all her students to be better, Lloyd carpenter – who convinced me health has a better career than teaching ( you saved future generations from an average teacher) , mr mulligan- countless arguments about how useless Maths and physics were and I would never pick a career that involves either( oh the irony in that since I’m a radiographer ) and Margie foster who taught me to never give up, believe In Yourself and you can always beat the boys at anything
Thank you for everything you have done !

from Sarah Hudson

Thanks Mrs McNulty,

Governors Bay School

Dear Mrs McNulty. Thank you for teaching me all the basics on my maths, handwriting, reading and spelling. I have really appreciated it. You told me what I was good at and you told me what I need to work on. I’ve worked on those things and look at me now. Thank you so much.

from Lachie

Thanks Mrs McNulty,

Governors Bay School

Thank you ever so much for everything.
When I first came to school I was as scared as anything, you taught us to spell, to read and to do maths,
Thanks to you I can do everything I can, and now, I can even write this letter!
So when you see all the kids on the playground, you only have yourself to thank!
We all love your work and want to thank you but just don’t know how, so here’s a letter from all the kids in the school saying,
We love you Mrs McNulty!!!!

from Riley Flanagan

Thanks Mr Van Waardenburg,

Otahuhu College

You were an inspirational teacher who encouraged me to be the best I can be musically. Your passion for the subject and skill as well as content knowledge definitely inspired me to pursue studying music at tertiary level and later on pursuing a diploma in teaching music. I will never forget you and hope that I have that same passion and drive for the students I teach. RIP.

from Anne-Marie Lalakai

Thanks Mr Whitrow,

Pukekohe High School

Thank you for letting me spend my lunch breaks in your classroom when my friends were at band practice. Thank you for helping me realize that I can (& should) question the status quo and stand up for what I believe in. Thank you for the encouragement that lead me to the path of believing in myself. Thank you for introducing me to Punk bands I had never heard of.

from Amanda

Thanks Mrs Kettle,

Southern Cross Campus

For taking an interest and teaching me to always reach higher. School would have been drab without thinking about our lessons and using them as pillars to keep going.

from Zachary

Thanks Mrs Jan Flawkes,

Taihape College

kia ora, I would like to thank my old music teach Mrs Jan Fawkes, you had inspired me to believe in myself as a musician, and to find the passion and to look deeper within myself, to be open.. I am grateful the great challenges that bestowed upon me as a person and human being. thank you Jan. nga mihi atu nga whea jan o rangatira nga kui te hei mauri ora

from David Tommy Sears - Ngatai

Thanks Ms Hayward,

Thank you for making me perform for prize giving that was one of the reason i keep singing so thank you so much. You also gave me the passion to follow the arts.

from Junior Tairi