Thanks Mr Salem,

Hutt Valley High School

Your genuine caring attitude showed me that despite all I faced, someone cared. Knowing this stopped me from taking my life back then, and now inspires me in my studies to be a counsellor. I know there will be many people you have impacted in a similar way over the years, and yet you probably don’t get to hear the successes we become after we leave High School. Thank you, never forget how important it can be to simply care.

from Del

Thanks Mr John Wright,

Mt Albert Grammar School

Sir, you had a knack for being relevant to your students. You had your favourite slogans such as ‘yum’ or ‘cool bananas’ lol. A great teacher who inspired students to do their best and be the best that they can be.

from Sam Pilisi

Thanks Bill Tooley,

Sir Douglas Bader Intermediate School

Mr Tooley! You are amazing and I wish my babies get the chance to experience the dedication, commitment, manaakitanga and kindness that myself and many other students at Bader received. Your passion for helping us was instilled in my “hard drive” permanently which I have been able to pass on to other children I work with. I hope you read this, and understand how special you are to both myself and alot of others from Mangere. Te Kakano – The Seed was our motto, a seed which you have planted in all of us to aim high and succeed!

from Rosemarie Williamson (Eketone)

Thanks Mr Wenske,

Nga Iwi School

Tougher then nails and hard as bricks, there was never a dull day in his classroom. The biggest guy in school who walked around with short shorts and jandals and a matching FORD with personalised plates…whether in the school or in public you were always a force to be reckoned with! Mr Wenske helped me build my confidence, he was a “billy T and Tui Teka” kinda funny that helped us learn. He made class fun, memories we still often share on Facebook and other school pages!

from Rosemarie Williamson (Eketone)

Thanks Mr Andrew Langley,

Aranui High School

Thanks for putting up with my non compliant personality! I actually learnt a lot from you, I still have the year 13 leavers advice you gave us all and over the years have found a lot of it to be true and helpful!

from Sheena

Thanks Mr King,

Freeville School

Thanks for being not only mine but a lot of students favourite intermediate teacher. You were fair and encouraging to everyone and made learning enjoyable! Everyone remembers Mr King.

from Amanda Greenem

Thanks Denise Downing,

Fergusson Intermediate (Trentham)

You were an inspirational teacher and I will always remember my time at Fergusson Intermediate fondly because of you.

from Alix Campbell

Thanks Anne Alkema,

Upper Hutt College

You were by far the classiest teacher at Upper Hutt College and had a lot of respect. You inspired me to work hard and go on to study English Literature at University.

from Alix Campbell

Thanks Mrs Joy Pirihi,

Mt Roskill Intermediate

Thank you for telling me I could become whatever I wanted.

from Amy Paulussen née Blythe

Thanks Pat Stempa,

Trentham School

Sadly missed, never forgotten. An inspiration to all those she taught.

from Alix Campbell