Thanks Mr Kowhai,

Manukorihi Intermediate

Tena koe, maatua! Thank you for staying true to who you are & encouraging each & every one of us to do the same. Thanks for sharing your gift of waiata, guitar & humour – all whilst ensuring we learnt. At a time when I spent more time in detention than I care to recall, you helped me to realise that my choices created my future; it wasn’t in the curriculum, it was effective. On the last day of school, you gave us individual, fun gifts (also not in the curriculum), mine was a toy watch with a card saying: So you don’t have to keep saying,’Hang on a minute’. Ironically, I still struggle a bit with time 🙂 My postgraduate diploma would’ve been a lost dream, were it not for teachers like you. Kia ora/Thank you for investing in a wayward child, my life has been (& continues to be) full & fun with life-long learning a key component.

from Lee Ann T

Thanks Miss Pitt,

Waitara East School

The huuugest thank you for welcoming me into your class at my new school. You made learning fun. Who knew that your introducing me to social studies & the world of arts & cultures way would’ve led me to a life of extensive travel & living a very full life in 7 other countries? Kia ora. Gracias. Dziekuje. Thanks!

from Lee Ann T

Thanks Sister Lyndal Brown,

St Brigids School (Tainui)

For teaching with such love.

from Clare Fraser

Thanks Ann Chambers,

Bayfield High School

Mrs Chambers was an inspirational maths teacher. Not only did she make learning fun, she knew how to make a complex subject easily understood by all of her students. I was lucky to have her as my teacher in two of my five years of secondary school.. Thank you.

from Jann Marshall

Thanks Mrs Raureti,

Matata School

You taught me to read , to love music, to respect everyone, to play fair, and to sort it out myself.  Forever thankful, unforgettable. Matata Primary School, 1976-1978

from Julie Bytheway

Thanks Ruth Mansell,

Ruth Mansell was the first teacher to take an interest in me as a person, and it was a revelation for a small shy girl in a new school. She fed my curiosity for words, books and the world beyond our walls. Her stately calm and kind words made me feel safe in a big world and gave me the courage to be myself. Thank you.

from Marion Rae

Thanks Ms Gina Anson,

Verran Primary School

Dear Ms Anson, thank you for being an inspirational teacher and an early feminist role model – not by banging any polemical drums, but just being your fabulous self – to a young shy kid. Our family was going through some very difficult times at home. It was also tough being a “poor family” in a pretty middle-class area. (Although I’m grateful for the fact there were still state houses and cheap rentals in “nice” places in those days.) You told me that I had a brain – I’d always thought I was stupid. It was literally a life-changing moment. Now I’m earning good money with a satisfying career in IT, and it all started back then on a sunny afternoon in your classroom in 1979. Also, your motorbike rocked.

from Tracy Mac

Thanks Mr Lee,

Wairarapa College

Thank you for making history so interesting and important to me. It has helped me in  the way I think. Thank you for being a warm and caring home room teacher in the 5th form. We laughed often. I understand you are no longer on this earth. Rest in peace, you are remembered. No matter what age I teacher, I always bring history to my classes.

from Margart Briasco

Thanks Margaret Bremner,

Queen Charlotte College

Thanks for your inspiring teaching of English – you set incredibly high standards for Senior English essays, and that encouraged us to go the extra mile in researching and writing excellent work. Your interest in the poetry around the First and Second World Wars has remained with me and influenced my thinking forever.

from Judith

Thanks Rex Fowler,

Wairarapa College

For telling my parents I should go to University when I was in the 4th form.  They never gave me any other choice.  And now I am teaching Maths – your subject – and am a Head of Faculty.

from Dianne Anson