Thanks Mr Bruce White,

Western Heights High School

You were the best teacher I ever had and inspired me to try hard to master the very difficult subject for me that is maths.

from Barbara Hastings

Thanks Ron Pearcy,

Lytton Street School

You were full of surprises. I will never forget your classroom which was like an art museum, zoo and biology lab all in one. There was a REAL talking magpie in a cage, there were stuffed animals and birds , fish tanks, wormeries, fossils of shells in rocks taken from nearby mountain ranges, artistic mobiles hanging from the ceiling spinning in the breeze, posters, paintings, maps on the walls. You played the piano,  conducted and trained the school choir, drew huge sketches in coloured chalk of Robin Hood and other famous characters on the blackboard  and in Form 1 (Yr 7) took 35 of us for an UNFORGETTABLE 6 day tour of the North Island in a bus during school time visiting farms, Te Rehunga dairy and cheese factory, Peter Pan Ice cream factory, Rothmans tobacco factory, orchards, wineries, hydro-electric and geothermal power stations, Maori marae, the Port of Napier, Whakarewarewa in Rotorua, Fairy Springs, the Trout hatchery and we stayed at schools at night. He was handsome, eccentric, talented, a big tease and so much fun! Best of all we learned sooooo much!

from Denis Tate

Thanks Dinah Gill,

Murrays Bay Intermediate

You were the best and you brought out the best in us……from day one; humour, music and anything outside the square! R.I.P. Dinah

from Wendy Wright

Thanks Mr.Habershon,

Stratford High School

This man came to teach history, from the Navy, wore his uniform, became headmaster, inspired a love of knowledge because he included world events & other things to broaden our minds. Thanks Mr. Haberson!

from Averyl Maxwell nee Wells

Thanks Mr Spencer,

Papakura Central School

For opening my mind to poetry and the beauty that surrounds us all if we take the time. I hope that your were showered with blessings during your life. Thank you again

from Monika Walker

Thanks Miss Lee,

Taonui School

Thank you Miss Lee for the very best year at school I ever had- Standard 1 in 1966. You inspired my love of reading with the “Treasure”and “Look and Learn” magazines that you must have bought us out of your own money. You listened to us as people, and did not hit your pupils with your ruler, you didn’t need to. I hope you realise just how much difference one great teacher can make in a person’s life,

from Penny Dittmer

Thanks Fr John Goulter,

St Bedes College

Johnny Goulter [ about 50 yrs old at the time ] was athletics coach to the gifted [ not me ] and to the ungifted, but enthusiastic [ me ].
This was at St Bede’s College in ChCh [ 1960’s ].
Because of his inspiration and example [ he was always running….” I meditate when I run” ] , I am still a runner and biker 50 years later. Thanks , Johnny.

from Mike Lilian

Thanks Robin Penman,

Reefton Area School

Really, it was called Reefton Primary School back then. In Form 2 I had a wonderful teacher – Robin Penman. Our class was located in a stand-alone room with a huge number of students  (maybe 50+ students) in 1966. However, Mr Penman drove the school bus from Ikamatua, was very sporty, and made learning stimulating and fun! He showed a great deal of respect to each student and I think that we all liked him. I remember achieving well at gymnastics. I loved speed tests in Maths. I loved my Form 2 year at school due to the input of this special person. Thank you Robin Penman!

from Raewyn Douglas

Thanks Mr Whitehead,

Linton Country School

Thank you for being there for me, you made learning exciting and it was a pleasure being in your class. You encouraged us to learn through reading, I still love books today

from Jennifer Reichenbach-Sisk

Thanks Barbara Moffat,

Hunter School

Although I never had you as a class teacher in our little two room country school, I look back so fondly on the endless lunchtimes which you gave up to spend with us ‘big girls’, teaching us folk dancing. We had so much fun learning ‘Tancuj’ and several other dances – and you really didn’t have to do it at all. Now I am  the primary school teacher, and it is my turn to give extra time to children as they learn Jump Jam songs to teach other children in our school.
Full circle – I wonder where you are now Barbara.
Thank you for fun and laughter!

from Chris Meehan