Thanks Sister Mary Veronica,

St Mary's College (Ponsonby)

For encouraging me to write; for enjoying my essays; for encouraging my books. For giving your time, even in my middle years. Your were a wonderful teacher, an excellent mentor and kind friend. You encouraged my sense of humour, ‘the balancer’, we agreed, to both the darker and the lighter sides of life. Being one of your thousands of students was a gift and a privilege. Thank you – my sixth Form Teacher. Rest in Peace and Joy.

from Jean L Allen nee Forrester

Thanks Bill Marshall,

Thank you for being the best teacher ever.

from ian walker

Thanks Rema Neville,

Pine Hill School (Dunedin)

You were a Teacher ahead of your time!.Thank you for the creative activities you offered me as an 8 year old. You knew how to light me up ! I shall never forget the way you read aloud to our class, especially the “Just So ” stories by Rudyard Kipling. You were such a kind, generous inspiration Soul. As a teacher myself, I often think of you and what a gift you were to me as a child! Rest In Peace, Dear Woman.

from Shena Wallace

Thanks Mrs Oldham,

You inspired me at age 10 in 1958. You were the only one who thought I had a brain.

Thank you, wherever you are.

from Peter Sparkes
Eric Burke

Thanks Eric Burke,

You were a great teacher and you taught me for several years. I recall many of the stories that you told us-some from your wartime flying. I remember that you read to us from ‘Three men in A Boat’ by Jerome K. Jerome and even at age 10 or 11 you made the humour come alive for us all. You always encouraged us in those rather austere post war years.

from Roger Strong

Thanks Philip Ross May,

Christchurch West High School

You were an inspirational teacher and made geography come alive for a third former. Actually you were an historian and you also began in me an interest in history that has stayed with me all my life. Meeting with an old school friend recently reminded me once again of your influence which in turn inspired me when I became a teacher. You were also an excellent runner who always encouraged us -even the plodders in the group. Such a shame you didn’t live longer to inspire even more students.

from Roger Strong

Thanks Mr Bridges,

King Edward VI Bury St Edmonds Suffolk

Thank you John Bridges, Senior English Master, for being the most inspiring English and Music teacher, providing an appreciation of literary and musical interests that lasted a lifetime.

from Chris Auchinvole MP

Thanks Wally Andrews,

Pahiatua School

You took an interest and directed me where he knew I would succeed.

from Maree

Thanks Mr Bryes,

Ohakune School

Thanks Mr Bryes, you inspired me to continue even when I left Primary and went to College.  You taught me to have confidence in myself, that I could do whatever I wanted. You mentored me when I decided to become a Kindergarten Teacher,  and checked on my progress regularly.  Your vision was to have a Kindergarten built on the school grounds ready for me when I finished. Thinking way ahead of the times that wasn’t to be,  one wasn’t built until the 1970s, however your vision and work ethic have been by my side all through the years.  My mantra,  ” don’t tell me I can’t do it, because I will find a way and do it”. You passed many years ago,  your lessons live on, I am sure you would be pleased with the career I forged in Education.
Nga mihi

from Elizabeth Pakai
Mrs Main

Thanks Mrs Main,

Wellington Tech

Thanks for teaching outside the square – you gave me HOPE! It gave me the confidence to believe in myself, to go out into the workforce and have a go. Because of that I found the will to fight against the odds and created the Mad Butcher- so thank you for having faith in me.

from Sir Peter Leitch (Mad Butcher)