Thanks Ian Kennedy,

Whitiora School

Thank you Mr Kennedy – You were my soccer coach when I was at school. Although our team wasn’t the greatest your enthusiasm never slipped and you encouraged each of us to work together and enjoy the experience.

from Chris

Thanks Mrs Peace (Griffiths),

Whitiora School

Dear Mrs Peace
It’s about time , 38 years later to tell you what an inspiration you were to me. I was eight years old you recognised me and took the time to make me feel I mattered. You were a mother figure to me, due to mum dying when I was 6. I adored you, you were so beautiful, young and vibrant. you would come to my home and ask my dad if I could stay weekends with you, I saw that life was normal away from my home. Over the years I never forgot you and have had the pleasure, as recent as a year ago, to again stay in your home. You made a difference and for that I am truly grateful.

from Jackie