Thanks to my teachers, plural.,

Tirimoana School

I couldn’t pinpoint just one of you. When I thought of the awesome teachers I’ve experienced from the start of my public schooling in NZ from 1978 to the present I feel so much gratitude to so many of you. You encouraged my imagination, stimulated my curiosity and guided my learning until I became an educator myself.
I am also fortunate to be a parent with children experiencing a similar excellent education system, now in the present.
The New Zealand education system with the correct state school funding and professional leadership can again be second to none. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we need to build on the success of our past, make the changes necessary to progress and remember why education is this  country is so magnificent.
It’s the dynamic, inclusive, inventive, inquiring teachers that bring our classrooms to life. Thank-you to all of the teachers who make a daily difference to our young people, our future.

from Fleur Coleman