Thanks Mr Kelly,

St Peter's College (Epsom)

Thank you for being such an inspirational and dedicated teacher during my first year at St Peter’s College.  I remember feeling nervous going into a new school but you were very welcoming and I remember learning so much from you.  In fact, i can still recall specific pieces of general knowledge from your class!   I appreciated how you treated everyone fairly and instilled an inclusive approach and for that I am grateful.

from Andrew Tui
Mr Tom Weal

Thanks Mr Tom Weal,

St Peter's College (Epsom)

Mr Weal brought education to life and gave me a strong interest in what I call the Kiwi-isation of our Society. Everything he taught he applied to the modern NZ situation – he made learning real so you could understand and identify with it. He would skip his own lunch hour to give support and assistance to those that needed & was very generous in giving his time.

from John Tamihere

Thanks Mr Kingdon,

St Peter's College (Epsom)

I just wanted to say thank you for being a fine teacher and a great role model. You taught me what it was to be a man and made such an impression on me at such a crucial time in my life.

from David