Miss Thomas

Thanks Miss Thomas,

St Margaret's College

It’s probably unusual for someone to talk about their first teacher as an important influence, but as a five year old at St Margaret’s I was ill for quite some time, my teacher, Miss Thomas rode her bike with basket on the front, a very long way to our home, to bring school work to me so that I wouldn’t fall behind. I always looked forward to her next visit, and the upshot was getting through the primmer classes in one year instead of two. Much later in life, I had the huge privilege of working with one of our best educators, Claudia Wysocki, who was Principal of St Margaret’s College the entire ten years I was Chairman of the Board.   Her attitude to the girls, her staff and all who surrounded her was totally inspiring, and whilst we supported each other in our work, I enjoyed and learnt so much about both education and life from her.

from Dame Pieter Stewart