Thanks Tanya Petrove,

Reefton Area School

Thank You Tanya, I am so blessed to have had the experience of looking through your eyes at the world, you inspired me and keep me driven to succeed, you opened my eyes to the injustices in the world with two specific ‘projects, we did one entitled Children in the Crossfire, about world conflict but focusing on Bosnia Sarajevo and another entitled Propaganda, which focused on Hitler.  I will never forget you and am so grateful for you for the knowledge that you passed on.

from Amiee Manawatu

Thanks Robin Penman,

Reefton Area School

Really, it was called Reefton Primary School back then. In Form 2 I had a wonderful teacher – Robin Penman. Our class was located in a stand-alone room with a huge number of students  (maybe 50+ students) in 1966. However, Mr Penman drove the school bus from Ikamatua, was very sporty, and made learning stimulating and fun! He showed a great deal of respect to each student and I think that we all liked him. I remember achieving well at gymnastics. I loved speed tests in Maths. I loved my Form 2 year at school due to the input of this special person. Thank you Robin Penman!

from Raewyn Douglas