Thanks Ms Christina Reymer,

McAuley High School

Thank you for always going the extra mile for your students, pushing us to aim high and do the best we can in life. Your hard work is evident in the history we created at McAuley with the outstanding results produced by your classes and the girls you taught. We appreciate all that you did  and continue to do years after we have left school. Thank you for caring Reymer, you are a beautiful soul and an iconic woman I aspire to be.

from Niu Esther Avia Toomalatai

Thanks Mr Perenise Tapu,

McAuley High School

To the man who lived his teachings by example and never passed up an opportunity to educate, inspire and help not only students but those around him, we thank you. Thank you for reminding me the importance of being a Tama’ita’i Samoa, living and practicing our aganu’u ma le gagana fa’asamoa. I’m thankful we crossed paths and to have been a Samoan student of yours because I walked away knowing and having learnt so much more than what I started with. Faafetai Tauanu’u, mo lou finau ma lou naunau ia matou malamalama I le gagana fa’asamoa fa’apea fo’i  tu ma aga o le atunu’u aua so matou lumanai manuia. Moomooga lelei mo oe le tama.

from Mataniu Avia Toomalatai

Thanks (Sr) Helen Holzer,

McAuley High School

You were a fantastic teacher who really challenged me and recognised potential no one else saw.   I admired your directness, even when it sometimes hurt, but you made me want to do better and I did.

from Sue Barriball