Thanks Mr Kowhai,

Manukorihi Intermediate

Tena koe, maatua! Thank you for staying true to who you are & encouraging each & every one of us to do the same. Thanks for sharing your gift of waiata, guitar & humour – all whilst ensuring we learnt. At a time when I spent more time in detention than I care to recall, you helped me to realise that my choices created my future; it wasn’t in the curriculum, it was effective. On the last day of school, you gave us individual, fun gifts (also not in the curriculum), mine was a toy watch with a card saying: So you don’t have to keep saying,’Hang on a minute’. Ironically, I still struggle a bit with time 🙂 My postgraduate diploma would’ve been a lost dream, were it not for teachers like you. Kia ora/Thank you for investing in a wayward child, my life has been (& continues to be) full & fun with life-long learning a key component.

from Lee Ann T