Thanks Ron Pearcy,

Lytton Street School

You were full of surprises. I will never forget your classroom which was like an art museum, zoo and biology lab all in one. There was a REAL talking magpie in a cage, there were stuffed animals and birds , fish tanks, wormeries, fossils of shells in rocks taken from nearby mountain ranges, artistic mobiles hanging from the ceiling spinning in the breeze, posters, paintings, maps on the walls. You played the piano,  conducted and trained the school choir, drew huge sketches in coloured chalk of Robin Hood and other famous characters on the blackboard  and in Form 1 (Yr 7) took 35 of us for an UNFORGETTABLE 6 day tour of the North Island in a bus during school time visiting farms, Te Rehunga dairy and cheese factory, Peter Pan Ice cream factory, Rothmans tobacco factory, orchards, wineries, hydro-electric and geothermal power stations, Maori marae, the Port of Napier, Whakarewarewa in Rotorua, Fairy Springs, the Trout hatchery and we stayed at schools at night. He was handsome, eccentric, talented, a big tease and so much fun! Best of all we learned sooooo much!

from Denis Tate