Thanks Simon Nyhoff,

Kings High School (Dunedin)

Noddy, you always put yourself alongside your students and travelled their journey through education with them. I never saw you as my teacher, you were always just another one of the boys in the class/gym, but I definitely respected you as my teacher. Thanks for helping me to enjoy what school is about.

from Kaine Hokianga

Thanks Mr Reddiex,

Kings High School (Dunedin)

I was inspired by you because of your love and passion for not only your topic of economics but your passion to promote learning to boys who were usually dis-interested in school. Your ability has now obviously been reconigsed in your position as principal which even back at school everyone could see was always going to be deserved by you. Thank you.

from Matthew Berry
Mr Patterson

Thanks Mr Patterson,

Kings High School (Dunedin)

Appreciate all of your support and guidance in times of uncertainty.  You inspired me to keep pushing when others had stopped and to keep hanging in when it was accepted to give in.  For all of your support, thank you and I will forever be indebted to you!

from Brendon McCullum - NZ Cricket Captain