Thanks Mrs Joan Slade,

Forest View High School

Thanks Mrs Slade for being the inspirational teacher you were for me during my years at Forest View. I loved your Social Studies class and Sociology classes. I am an educational leader now too because of you.

from Anna

Thanks Mrs Yukich,

Forest View High School

I’m not sure how you ended up with me for three years in your maths class but it worked for me.  You made maths fun and got me through School C even though I was “easily distracted” (your words not mine). Thank you Mrs Yukich, awesome teacher!

from Mike Taitoko

Thanks Mrs Macalonan,

Forest View High School

You we’re passionate and enthusiastic about your subject (Science and Biology) . You inspired me and your passion for your subject was contagious. I gained a scholarship in Biology due to you. I went onto study Biology at University due to you.  And I am now a high school Science and Biology teacher myself, trying to follow your example and pass on some of the passion for my subject that you instilled in me.

from Richard