Thanks Andrea Harborne,

Epsom Girls Grammar School

Thank you so much for installing self afficacy into me in your dynamic physical education lessons. You were always so vibrantly presented, always smiling and always asking me how I was. I was a hostel girl and you made my years at EGGS so enjoyable. You brought the best out of me and you were always ever so helpful ,caring, providing me with sporting opportunites, part time work and the want to go to school to learn and be physically active life long. Thank you so much for all your good energy, work ethic, enjoyable lessons and vibrancy for life you installed into me. I loved those years.

from Suzanne Coleman

Thanks Mr Bates,

Epsom Girls Grammar School

Thank you Mr Bates for being so passionate in every one of your classes. You ignited and inspired my love for film analysis, script writing, film production and editing. You also showed me how wonderfully linked literacy is to movie making – something I am lucky enough to pass on to my students today.

from Oriana

Thanks Mrs Law,

Epsom Girls Grammar School

Thank you so much for simply believing in me. It felt so good for an adult to tell me that I was good at something. I can’t even begin to describe how being in your class changed my life, as an adult now, I am much more reflective about everything searching for a deeper understanding of things, you spurred my interest in sociology and psychology too. I don’t think I would be this content with my life right now and where I am today if I did not have the fortune of being in your class. For some reason, I can’t seem to articulate all that I want to say, but I promise you taught me better than this! You’re just such an amazing person, and I hope the students in your class now appreciate you as much as I appreciate you every day.

from Michelle

Thanks Mrs Martin,

Epsom Girls Grammar School

Thanks for believing in us every step of the way and being insanely passionate about business management. Helping us throughout the trials and tribulations of running a Young Enterprise Company and making sure that we would succeed in every path that we chose to take. Not many teachers would reply to messages of excitement at crazy hours of the morning when we were at the Global Enterprise Challenge but you did. You are an inspiration and made my last year at Epsom Girls Grammar School incredible. Thank you for everything that you did for us and the opportunities that you helped create for us, we wouldn’t be where we are now without your influence.

from Ashley