Thanks Lynne Atkinson,

Elmwood Normal School

Thank you for encouraging me to write. Until I had you as my teacher in Standard 4 I hadn’t really got the idea of taking pride in written work. You were my favourite teacher because you fiercely cared about education. I remember this passion sometimes showed in you losing your temper! But looking back I know this was because learning mattered to you so much that you didn’t want it disrupted. More importantly, I remember how it felt for me to have high expectations put upon my written work – you gave me good marks, but I had to work hard for them. And one time you challenged me about a poem I’d written, asking which book I’d copied it out of . . . once I’d managed to convince you that I wrote it myself, you were so appreciative of it that it was among the proudest moments of my primary school life. Your positive energy and determination to foster achievement helped me combine my interest in reading with a love for writing.

from William Murray