Thanks Mr Alex W Starr,

Clyde Quay School

After my immediate family, I have always considered Mr Starr my mentor… the teacher who believed I could excel in all that I did and encouraged me to read more, work harder and make me want to aim high.. A teacher who did not hesitate to tell me at one point that if I did not ‘pull my socks up’ and work that he would not give me the Dux medal even though he knew I deserved it! A teacher who brought me extra, more sophisticated books to read, told my parents that I would be one of life’s achievers and could make a great lawyer! A teacher who encouraged me and the other ethnic minorities in our truly multi-cultural primary school to express our other culture freely and be proud of it. Thank you Mr Starr! I will always be very grateful that you cared enough to put in that extra time and effort as a young 23 year old teacher … of course, we thought you were as old as Methuselah at the time, but that’s youth for you!
Mr Starr, you helped make me what I am today – a caring and motivated citizen of the world who wants to put back into both her communities some of the benefits I have been lucky enough to receive!
From Greece where I live and work these days, a big Thank you – Efharisto Poly – for everything!

from Sophia Economou, Founder and President of the Hellenic New Zealand Association, Athens, Greece