Thanks Mrs Cameron,

Avonside Girls' High School

The teacher that inspired me the most was Mrs Cameron. She taught me P.E and became my “friend”. I thrived in her class, she was an amazing driver, she pushed me to my limit and beyond, she would encourage me, tell me to persevere, give me positive words. I was a little ratbag at the best of times, but she saw past that and I absolutely loved her. I looked forward to her classes with so much enthusiasm, sometimes too much enthusiasm! She was soft spoken, and had a motherly way about her! I think she named her daughter after me…haha!! I wish now that I could meet up with her and have coffee, just to tell her how much I learnt from just being in her class:-)

from Sarah

Thanks Wendy Cookson,

Avonside Girls' High School

Thanks for your thorough planning, preparation and organisation of our french classes and encouraging us to finish our tasks quickly so we could take some time to include our hobbies. Your teaching skills and feedback on our progress and ability to always be calm no matter what, inspired me to become a teacher and then a teacher educator. Thanks so much!

from Lindsey Conner