Mrs Oldfield

Thanks Mrs Oldfield,

Allenton Primary

I am indebted to all my teachers for their persistence, patience encouragement and wisdom but to one in particular. Mrs Oldfield from Allenton Primary in Ashburton.

On my first day  of school I was positively  traumatized at the thought of letting go of my mum. My 5 year old brain said it was going to be a ghastly experience. Mrs Oldfield took me gently by the hand, lifted me on to her lap and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said she was going to be my “second mummy’  for a few hours each day. That just seemed right. I loved school from day 1 because of the genuine kindness of a mothers/teachers heart!
Teachers have so much to do in this day and age but their humanity is often what speaks the loudest.
Thank you Mrs Oldfield  I will never forget you.
from Simon Barnett