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I am a ‘coloured South African’ who moved to New Zealand. I want to contribute my story to this site. As a child I the social-political system told me that I was inferior! The evidence was all around me – the poverty, the disdain, the media, the poor school facilities, the written curriculum

I was told where I could live, the school I could attend, the railway carriage I was allowed to sit in, where my place was on the bus, where I should queue at the post office, which beach or park was for me, the job reserved for my supposed limited intellect, how much I was entitled to be paid, who I was to associate and fall in love with…and above all…the evidence was the colour of my skin! But my teachers told me differently Teachers showed me that Education could free me, could give me power, could give me knowledge and understanding – that no one could take away. Teachers taught me that Education could unshackle my thinking, and lead me to believe that I was equal to anyone else. Teachers got me to realise that those who said the opposite were wrong, were deceived, were fearful, were in need of help!

My teachers made the difference. My teachers put on the line -their livelihood, their reputation, their careers, their freedom, their families, their lives to share the truth –  So that we could be fre.e

A Luta Continua!    (this struggle still continues)

Amandla Awethu!    (the power is with the people)


from Ivor Frankie