Thanks Mr Whitehead,

Linton Country School

Thank you for being there for me, you made learning exciting and it was a pleasure being in your class. You encouraged us to learn through reading, I still love books today

from Jennifer Reichenbach-Sisk

Thanks Miss Anderson,

Tawhai School

To Miss Anderson
I really like you because your really nice and never yell at us.
from Psalms

from Psalms

Thanks Shayne Frickey,

Waikato Montessori Education Centre

Thank you for getting me ready for school. I miss you so much. I hope you are doing well.

from Elizabeth

Thanks Ian Thompson,


I had a serious spinal injury in my last year (year 13) of school which meant I had to take over 3 months off as I was in a spinal brace. My History teacher, Ian Thompson, arranged for my English and History classes to be held at my house, and personally organised for a minibus to transport the students to my home for their classes so I could participate. He also collected all my work from all my other classes and drove to my house every day after school, spending an hour at my house going over all my work with me so I could keep up. Words can’t explain how grateful I was that I had this opportunity to keep studying. He even lobbied my school to make sure I was eligible for exams as I had missed attending so many days of school. He was one of the first people I called when I got an A Bursary to University. He came to my 21st birthday party and we kept in touch throughout my University years. Sadly he passed away of cancer not long after that, but he left me with a deep appreciation and gratitude of all he had done to help me, a student – just one of many at my school. The turnout at his funeral was phenomenal – a tribute that so many ex and current students came to show their respect and gratitude for this wonderful teacher and all he did to inspire and motivate. I am forever grateful for Mr Thompson and all he did for me. He did so much for no pay, no expectation of any recompense other than that of helping a student. I wish he were still alive today so we could reminisce over those times and he would know how much his help meant to me. I wrote to his family after he died to explain what he had done and how grateful I was for his cheerful and tenacious support, and how I will never forget him in my lifetime.

from Toni

Thanks Mrs Khan,

West End School (P North)

Thank you for teaching me critical thinking skills and techniques at such a young age. But also that learning is fun and that there is always multiple ways to address topics.

from Catherine

Thanks Mr Graves,

Greymouth High School

Thank you for being such a wonderful principal for the years I was at Greymouth High School

from Chantelle
Mr Whittham

Thanks Mr Whittham,

Opoho School

I’m not 100% sure that is how you spell your name since you were my teacher in 1983 and I can’t remember that far back with a great degree of clarity.. However, rest assured, my spelling in general is really good these days. You were a great teacher and the first one I thought of when I was asked about my favourite school teacher. The week we moved all the desks and chairs out of the classroom and built a thatched hut in it along with mats on the floor was amazing. We studied Pacific Island culture and ended the week with a feast and a cava ceremony conducted by one of the kid’s Dad. That kind of thing was typical – thinking outside the box, creativity and fun. Thanks heaps Mr Wittam? Whittam?

from Jesse Griffin
Mother Maher

Thanks Mother Maher,

Baradene College

My entire school life from age four and a half was at Baradene College in Auckland , although in those days it was known Sacre Coeur. Virtually all the teachers were nuns and as a “closed order” they barely ever ventured outside of the school gates. In spite of this they were a savvy, well connected and in my view inspirational. I struggled as the years went on with some of the conformity, but at the same time got huge academic encouragement which was a bit rare in those days. Aside from visiting priests it was obviously a very female dominated world and I grew to believe that women simply could do everything, and within the school grounds, they did! Whenever any old girls get together we end up talking about Mother Maher, who was an authoritarian of whom we were all terrified but extraordinarily compassionate and astute. Eventually as the nuns spent more time in the outside world, she became a social worker. An extraordinary woman who crossed many boundaries in her life and did make me believe in the impossible.

from Dame Rosanne Meo - DNZM, OBE
Marilyn Baigent

Thanks Marilyn Baigent,

A teacher who made a big impact on my life was Marilyn Baigent because she opened me up to the structure, the possibilities and sheer joy of music by showing me how it was made.
from Alastair Carruthers CNZM - CEO Kensington Swan
Dr Hirini Melbourne

Thanks Dr Hirini Melbourne,

Waikato University

Hirini encouraged me to write songs even though I couldn’t play a musical instrument, saying my voice was my instrument.
He taught me about the esoteric realm of Raukatauri which was to inspire the naming of my daughter and the eventual establishment of the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre helping children with special needs through the power of music.  I feel incredibly privileged to have had him as my lecturer.

from Hinewehi Mohi
Judy Darragh

Thanks Judy Darragh,

Westlake Girls High School
Dear Judy,
Thank you for recognising the gift in me.  You backed my talent by placing me first in art in the third form and thus gaining the support of my school and family.  I am an art teacher today and I’m passionate about recognising, valuing and validating the next generation of NZ artists.  Judy, without your teacher influence I would never have followed my dream.  Thank you for believing in me!
Dagmar Dyck



from Dagmar Dyck
Kevin Boyce

Thanks Kevin Boyce,

Hadlow Preparatory School

It was kind of weird having your Dad as Headmaster of your primary school but you never went easy on me, in fact you were always much tougher. You’d pull me into line when I was playing up but also encouraged me to be creative make a career out of something I loved – even if you thought a broadcasting degree “wasn’t a proper degree”! Also I have to pick you for my inspirational teacher as you’re the only teacher I still catch up with, so it’d be really awkward at Christmas if I didn’t.




from Ben Boyce
Mr Tom Weal

Thanks Mr Tom Weal,

St Peter's College (Epsom)

Mr Weal brought education to life and gave me a strong interest in what I call the Kiwi-isation of our Society. Everything he taught he applied to the modern NZ situation – he made learning real so you could understand and identify with it. He would skip his own lunch hour to give support and assistance to those that needed & was very generous in giving his time.

from John Tamihere
Bill McLaren

Thanks Bill McLaren,

Bill McLaren was a full time school teacher in his home village of Hawick in Scotland. In his spare time he also became the TV rugby commentator on the BBC for over 50 years. When I was a young broadcaster in New Zealand trying to get a start at the microphone I can remember thinking, ‘if what Bill McLaren does has him regularly on the BBC it must be the way for me to go.’ So I shamelessly modeled myself on his method.
Bill believed those involved in any game are much more than just being nameless creatures with numbers on their backs. He researched every player in every game to find out who they were as people, where they came from and maybe even who their parents were! I met Bill a number of times and he always told me, ‘son, before anything in life you MUST always do your homework!.’
I tried to do that and I think it worked for me – well, it must have, I am still touring and commentating and now have over 40 years of experience doing it. If you hear me on the air and listen carefully my style is still shamelessly done  in my version of a direct impersonation of ‘the McLaren way.’ Thanks Bill!
Keith Quinn
from Keith Quinn
Mr Anaru Takurura

Thanks Mr Anaru Takurura,

Te Aute College

Anaru Takurua was a demi-god in tha haka world.

He was a staunch advocate of things Māori and encouraged us all to cleave to Māoritanga as a pathway for our future.

He inculcated in me a sense of self and pride in Māori language and culture. He enshrined in us a love of our school, its traditions and the feats of the alumni. He also encouraged us to repay Māoridom for all the opportunites given to us through Te Aute College, by working for the betterment of Māori communities in all that we did.

Anaru Takurua passed away in 2002. I will never forget the impact he had on me and my life.

from Julian Wilcox
Mr Derek Bolt

Thanks Mr Derek Bolt,

Waitaki Boys' High School
Derek Bolt was Cambridge University educated and RADA trained. He was a wonderful actor. I had him for English for three years and he used to just read to us, playing every part of a play or novel for whole 50 minute period. He bought literature alive whether the plays of Shakespeare, the novels of Dickens or the poems of Shelley and Auden. I owe him a life-long love of words and communication.


from Martin Hawes
Mr Williams

Thanks Mr Williams,

Brooklyn School (Wellington)

We were all a bit scared of you, but you made a big difference to me. I was struggling. You worked out how to get me going. You got me doing school projects. I would get a scrapbook, research a subject and fill it up with information.

I learned to use the library to research. Somehow it helped me catch up with the others. It is the first memory I have of achieving at school.

Thank you!

from Peter Hughes
Thelma Butterworth

Thanks Thelma Butterworth,

Matipo Primary School
Thanks so much for inspiring me with your kindness, understanding and for somehow seeing something in me. I will never forget you!
from Oscar Kightley
Mr Willy Kersten

Thanks Mr Willy Kersten,

Rathkeale College

You’re a great educational leader and a cool science teacher!

from Caroline Seelig - CEO Open Polytechnic
Mr Guy Bliss

Thanks Mr Guy Bliss,

In my 6th form there was a new history teacher, Guy Bliss.  He devoted the first two classes to two simple messages if you want to enjoy a successful life, which he periodically reinforced.  The first was that absolutely everything is interesting and the second, be curious and never be afraid to say you don’t understand and thus to ask questions.  Looking back over near six decades since I believe that applying those two maxims has served me superbly and underlie any successes I have had.

from Sir Bob Jones
Mr Chambers

Thanks Mr Chambers,

Christ's College

DC, Thanks for always backing me to be my best. For helping us not only in class, but taking care to ensure I dreamed bigger, challenged myself and found out what I love. Kia Kaha.

from Sam Johnson
Rob Wilson-Pyne

Thanks Rob Wilson-Pyne,

Shirley Boys' High School

You focused on the real reason we play sport at school, to enjoy it! At a time when commitment from teachers towards high school cricket was waning, you committed yourself to our team with the energy that inspired us all to be the best we could be, and enjoy competing and winning.

from Andrew Ellis
Mr Elgar

Thanks Mr Elgar,

Hastings Intermediate

Mr Elgar was out teacher, young and fresh – really quite cool as I remember.  A skinny knitted tie and suede desert boots.  He kept us engaged and interested in learning.  No surprises, his students learnt the meaning of achievement.  The class has been very successful, amongst them the youngest (at the time!) 747 pilot and my friend Peter Waddell, an extremely successful artist living in Washington DC.

(Photo accredited to AWW/Jae Frew)

from Jo Seagar
Colin Mortlock

Thanks Colin Mortlock,

In pursuing an Outdoor & Environmental Education teaching certificate, I was fortunate to be under the tutelage of Colin Mortlock. Colin believes that a traditional classroom education will never enable a child to fulfil their potential and that by utilising adventure as a critical part of the curriculum a child develops emotional, physical and cognitive skills in a balanced way. Whilst I never went on to teach, Colin gave me a perspective to balance in life that I have tried to retain through life’s journey and my career in tourism.

from David Perks - CEO Positively Wellington Tourism
Mrs Eagleton

Thanks Mrs Eagleton,

Manurewa Intermediate

Dear Mrs Eagleton,

Your positive energy and sense of fun as a teacher inspired me as a learner and as an educator myself. I valued the high standards you had and the demands you put on us to be better than before!! Thank You!

from Iain Taylor - Principal Manurewa Intermediate School
Mr Green

Thanks Mr Green,

Whangarei Intermediate School

Whangarei Intermediate School was a very sporty school and you were the music teacher and played the violin very nicely. Even if you thought of playing the violin there – you were a sissy but I loved the sound of it and I used to sit outside your room while you played and decided to take it up. As a result, music has been with me all my life.

from Sir Michael Hill
Mr Tomlinson

Thanks Mr Tomlinson,

Timaru Boys' High School

He was strict, had high math knowledge, loved his subject and made it his aim that all of us shared this dedication.  He saw something in me I did not see – I could do math!  He made it make sense, he made us work so hard to mastery the material, and never let up in his conviction that I could do well.  It opened many doors for my subsequent career.  Thanks. As did Mr McNeil (Tahuna Intermediate) who saw raw material, persisted, taught, encouraged, modelled and showed me how to teach.

from Professor John Hattie - Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute
Mr Harvey Reece-Thomas

Thanks Mr Harvey Reece-Thomas,

Wellington College

Thank you for being  a real inspiration to me during my school years.

You taught me values, honesty and leadership.

Very Best Wishes.

from Ray Wallace - Mayor of Lower Hutt
Mr David Parker

Thanks Mr David Parker,

Auckland Grammar

Inspirational for me was the late David Parker, my fifth form ‘form teacher’ at Auckland Grammar School in 1963. He made Shakespeare palatable and with his keen sense of observation and a cutting lucid wit every lesson was an exercise in sheer bliss for me.  He knew exactly how to deal with a bunch of extroverted hormonal teenage louts and used humour to gain our attention and total respect. We had Mr. Parker for the first period every Monday morning, a hideous start to any teacher’s week as most of us were not the slightest bit interested in adjusting to pouring over textbooks.  He addressed us in the same fashion every Monday morning.

“All right lads, I humbly suggest you refrain from boring each other with overblown mythical accounts of your weekend sexual exploits and let us attend to the reality at hand — the desperate search for meaning in the glories of English literature.”


from John Hawkesby
Baron Anton Welleman von Simunic

Thanks Baron Anton Welleman von Simunic,


Baron Anton Welleman von Simunic was Head of Modern Languages at ‘Inst’ my secondary school in Belfast. He arrived each morning wearing a forest green cloak, lined in crimson and carrying a swordstick. He claimed to have been personal tutor to the Queen. He once laid a bet for sixpence with the school’s 1200 pupils that he would arrive next day on a white horse in a full set of armour, his winnings to go to the RAF Benevolent Fund. The Board vetoed the idea, but we all paid up anyway. ‘The Baron’ inspired my life-long love of language and my admiration of eccentricity.


from Brian Edwards
Mr Brian Diver QSM

Thanks Mr Brian Diver QSM,

Tauranga Intermediate

Dear Brian, There are not enough words to express my gratitude to you for the wonderful and inspirational guidance you gave to my four sons and all the other students who have attended Tauranga Intermediate. You have this magical way of encouraging and supporting kids to explore their potential. You shower them with praise when they deserve it, and give them a gentle reminder to pull their socks up when they need that too! You love competition, you embrace excellence, you believe in all children and their ability to succeed. For two years each of my four sons enjoyed going to school. That says it all!

from Dame Susan Devoy
Mr Tom Gerrard

Thanks Mr Tom Gerrard,

Rosmini College

My favourite teacher was a guy called Tom Gerrard. Tom became headmaster of Rosmini College in my last (7th Form) year there, 1976. He is still principal of Rosmini, 38 years later (the longest serving principal in NZ currently).

Tom, you always were a wee bit of a larrikin, a rebel. You loved a drink, a bet at the TAB, and pretty women – not your standard Catholic school headmaster role model! But you have a priceless gift for recognising raw potential and encouraging those, like me, who were lazy, distracted, but had some sort of inner desire to do something with our lives. You inspired me in 1976 and, throughout our long friendship since, you have continued to do so. I salute you.

from Martin Snedden
J.H. Evans

Thanks J.H. Evans,

J.H. Evans was our English master when I was 14; tall, with an Oxford degree and a patrician manner. J..H. Evans carried a learning tool with him in the classroom, a cane. That would seem bizarre today. He waved it like a wand, a Hogwarts professor proclaiming the archaic magic of syntax. “Come here boy” he would say when we confused bathos with oxymoron. We would be caned in painless fashion and then sit down again. His teaching methods would not be approved of now; we had to memorise screeds of old poetry. But later the writing that was stored in my head became more deeply understood. Even back then we were travellers in an antique land, and some girls from another school asked me who my favourite poet was. Keats, I said. There was scorn. “Keats? No-one reads Keats anymore.” I forget who their preferred modern poets were, but I have never forgotten the chilly spell of “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”. Mr Evans didn’t underestimate the past; he was Bishop Selwyn’s biographer, though we didn’t know that. He left behind him hundreds of boys more civilised than they would otherwise have been. We never needed remedial English classes at uni, and we know an onomatopeia when we hear one.
from Jim Mora
Mr Patterson

Thanks Mr Patterson,

Kings High School (Dunedin)

Appreciate all of your support and guidance in times of uncertainty.  You inspired me to keep pushing when others had stopped and to keep hanging in when it was accepted to give in.  For all of your support, thank you and I will forever be indebted to you!

from Brendon McCullum - NZ Cricket Captain
Yvonne Cargill

Thanks Yvonne Cargill,

Papanui High School

Yvonne had that rare ability to be tough but still respected and really well liked. She taught me accounting in the 7th form and she showed me the value of a strong work ethic: you did not want to turn up to class without having done your homework! Yvonne is someone who I keep in contact with even today.


from Shane Bond
Mr McKenzie

Thanks Mr McKenzie,

Howick College

It’s a gift to be taught by someone with a great passion. You were relentlessly enthusiastic which was both encouraging and inspiring.

I am thankful for having you as my drama teacher because you pushed me and showed faith in my talent (which sadly didn’t involve singing) but with that early support in my life it’s enabled me to pursue my own passion.

Thank you!

from Amber Peebles
Mr Perjanik

Thanks Mr Perjanik,

St Kentigern College (Pakuranga)

Picking my favourite teacher was easy. Your relaxed and entertaining approach to teaching made your classes fun and inspiring.

I am constantly grateful that I had the help of you and so many other fantastic teachers.

Thank you, not just from me, but from all those you have inspired throughout the years.


from Brooke Howard-Smith
Miss Thomas

Thanks Miss Thomas,

St Margaret's College

It’s probably unusual for someone to talk about their first teacher as an important influence, but as a five year old at St Margaret’s I was ill for quite some time, my teacher, Miss Thomas rode her bike with basket on the front, a very long way to our home, to bring school work to me so that I wouldn’t fall behind. I always looked forward to her next visit, and the upshot was getting through the primmer classes in one year instead of two. Much later in life, I had the huge privilege of working with one of our best educators, Claudia Wysocki, who was Principal of St Margaret’s College the entire ten years I was Chairman of the Board.   Her attitude to the girls, her staff and all who surrounded her was totally inspiring, and whilst we supported each other in our work, I enjoyed and learnt so much about both education and life from her.

from Dame Pieter Stewart
Mr L C M Saunders

Thanks Mr L C M Saunders,

My most inspirational teacher was L C M Saunders because at the age of 12/13 he set me on the way to having an intense interest in and involvement with music which lead in turn to my enjoying and appreciating other disciplines of the arts. From that early age he introduced us to and had us participating in great choral music in particular. (Weekly anthems in Chapel and annually a truncated version of the Messiah and of St Matthew’s Passion as well as a Gilbert and Sullivan musical or the equivalent.)

His ability to motivate and excite made him a most influential choir master and left many of us with a lasting legacy. This is attested to by the Charitable Trust a number of us set up in his name for ongoing choral scholarships at the Holy Trinity Cathedral. That he was a very knowledgeable musician is demonstrated by the fact that, amongst other things, he was the New Zealand Herald’s music critic for decades.


from Sir James Wallace
Shona Murray

Thanks Shona Murray,

Shona Murray has always been more than just a teacher to me. She has been a mentor, a friend, and like family to me. One of the greatest things I learnt from her was perseverance. As a performer it is easy to become discouraged or to make excuses about why you can’t do something – Shona helped me to learn that no matter what happens, on stage or off, with determination and a positive attitude you can always create something beautiful. She made me see the potential in each person and each situation. Working with Shona, I could see that she always values people’s talents and seeks to nurture them and help them grow. I love how she always says you should do your best whether performing for 1 person or 1000 – each performance you give is precious. Sometimes I was challenged by her or made to go outside of my comfort zone, but I think it was those times that really helped me to develop. There’s so much more I could say but I think it would turn into a novel!

from Emily Mwila - NZ Singer
Mrs Case

Thanks Mrs Case,

Dear Barbara, thank you for your inspiration as my biology teacher. Reading Scientific American, New Scientist, collecting water samples and learning about DNA – the joy of the natural world inspires me everyday. Wellington is a truly biophilic city.


from Celia Wade Brown - Wellington Mayor
Dennis Lillee

Thanks Dennis Lillee,

During the early 1970’s I was a promising young fast bowler who had potential but was failing to achieve what was expected. I had long admired Australian fast bowler, Dennis Lillee (355 test wickets) who epitomized what fast bowling was all about. He was big, strong, fit, confident and aggressive with a marvellous bowling technique and wonderful skills (pace, swing and seam). He had a presence on the field – he was an enforcer who intimidated the opposing batsmen. In simple terms he was impressive and successful – arguably the greatest fast bowler of all time. In my contacts with him both on and off the field I learned a lot about his preparation and how he analysed the batsman to get them out. He was the role model who inspired me to greater success. If I wanted emulate what he achieved I needed to make big changes to my fitness program, technique and the psychology of bowling. I later surpassed all his records to become the first bowler in test history to capture 400 test wickets.


from Sir Richard Hadlee
Miss Robinson

Thanks Miss Robinson,

Wanganui Girls' College

Miss Robinson inspired me to see science as something we should be all doing because it was about everything. She let us do all these experiments such as the opportunity to find out what happened when you mixed certain chemicals – it just really grabbed me. She gave you the belief that you could do things. She encouraged you to believe that you could and so you wanted to. You wanted to participate , to be one of the ones that understood and can make it all work. I really liked her and because I liked her I really enjoyed science.

from Hon Tariana Turia

Thanks ,

I am a ‘coloured South African’ who moved to New Zealand. I want to contribute my story to this site. As a child I the social-political system told me that I was inferior! The evidence was all around me – the poverty, the disdain, the media, the poor school facilities, the written curriculum

I was told where I could live, the school I could attend, the railway carriage I was allowed to sit in, where my place was on the bus, where I should queue at the post office, which beach or park was for me, the job reserved for my supposed limited intellect, how much I was entitled to be paid, who I was to associate and fall in love with…and above all…the evidence was the colour of my skin! But my teachers told me differently Teachers showed me that Education could free me, could give me power, could give me knowledge and understanding – that no one could take away. Teachers taught me that Education could unshackle my thinking, and lead me to believe that I was equal to anyone else. Teachers got me to realise that those who said the opposite were wrong, were deceived, were fearful, were in need of help!

My teachers made the difference. My teachers put on the line -their livelihood, their reputation, their careers, their freedom, their families, their lives to share the truth –  So that we could be fre.e

A Luta Continua!    (this struggle still continues)

Amandla Awethu!    (the power is with the people)


from Ivor Frankie

Thanks Mr Bridges,

King Edward VI Bury St Edmonds Suffolk

Thank you John Bridges, Senior English Master, for being the most inspiring English and Music teacher, providing an appreciation of literary and musical interests that lasted a lifetime.

from Chris Auchinvole MP
Mr Coupe

Thanks Mr Coupe,

Northland College

As I said at your recent funeral, you were an inspirational teacher. You had a unique ability to generate excitement and knowledge from a capacious store house of stories and an equally capacious sense of humour. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think back to the pure enjoyment of your classroom.

from Terry Bates - CEO Cognition Education
Sister Marcia

Thanks Sister Marcia,

St Mary's College (Wellington)

Thank you for teaching me the value of debate and enquiry. Your approach to ideas has been an inspiration to me and started a lifetime journey. Regards, Fran. P.S You will see my handwriting hasn’t improved!

from Fran Wilde -Wellington Festival of Education Patron
Mrs Fitzpatrick

Thanks Mrs Fitzpatrick,

Ngata Memorial College

I was inspired by you because you encouraged my love of reading, broadened my taste in literature, bolstered my confidence when other kids thought it was pretty nerdy and you were big on “big words” (though not bureaucratic ones!!).

Nga mihi – Thanks!

from Hon Hekia Parata
Mrs Eadie

Thanks Mrs Eadie,

Corran School

I was inspired by you because you are such a positive person. At school I really admired you and learned from your ability to be so positive and strong no matter how hard the decisions were. I will be eternally grateful for the moment where you believed in me and told me to take the harder but better path when I could have gone the wrong way. Your belief in me gave me confidence at a really important time of my life. I think life would be very different if that moment of belief had not happened. I often reflect on that particularly when young people come to me for advice and help. Thank you.

from Hon Nikki Kaye
Mr Patterson

Thanks Mr Patterson,

Colwill School

Mr Patterson, The Coolest Teacher!
Thank you for believing in me all the time. Your selfless care and subtle way to kept pushing and challenging us just made learning so fun every day.

from Linda Vagana
Mrs Main

Thanks Mrs Main,

Wellington Tech

Thanks for teaching outside the square – you gave me HOPE! It gave me the confidence to believe in myself, to go out into the workforce and have a go. Because of that I found the will to fight against the odds and created the Mad Butcher- so thank you for having faith in me.

from Sir Peter Leitch (Mad Butcher)
Mr Vanner

Thanks Mr Vanner,

Taupo-nui-a-Tia College

Dear Nigel, I was inspired by you because you believed in me, you never gave up and you seemed to genuinely like teenagers. Let’s be honest, I was a very challenging student and due to reasons too complex to go into here often went out of my way to make life difficult for my teachers. But you saw through that and took time to get to know me. You encouraged my love of speech and drama and often told me that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. I have always appreciated you.

from Paula Bennett MP
Mr Coppell

Thanks Mr Coppell,

Newton Central School

Thank you for taking away my rubber in standard one and making me learn to write “IT” correctly first time!

from Bruce Plested - Mainfreight

Thanks Miss Whiteside,

Governors Bay School

Thanks Mrs Whiteside for being by my side every time I go to zones and when I’m nervous you give the best pep-talks then I feel awesome. So thanks heaps for the things you have done done for me through the past few years.

from Mckenzie Mann!

Thanks Mrs Gnad,

Governors Bay School

I loved your class and you were an inspirational teacher.  You made my school life fun. I thoroughly enjoyed being in your class. Thank you so much

from Saskia

Thanks Mrs Paul,

Governors Bay School

Thank you ever so much for everything!
Without you, I doubt I would be even be able to write this letter!
I hope you enjoy your new job!
We’ve missed you lots, you taught us to spell, to read and to do maths.
You were a really fun teacher!

from Riley Flanagan

Thanks Mrs McNulty,

Governors Bay School

Mrs McNulty you gave me the best start in life that anyone can receive. Thank you for being there for me at such a young age. You inspired me to learn and I will benefit from it in later life. Thank you again

from Saskia

Thanks Mrs Blackwell,

Governors Bay School

Mrs Blackwell is the best teacher ever. She is great at all subjects. She especially makes work fun and challenging. Mrs Blackwell you are the best!

from Scarlett

Thanks Mrs Paul,

Governors Bay School

Mrs Paul, my time with you was incredible and I wish you had stayed.  You are a sporty, fun creative person who always made learning fun. I hope you will always remember me. Thank you so much for backing me in my year with you.

from Saskia

Thanks All the teachers,

Aranui High School

Past and present teachers deserve a big thank you ! You have changed so many lives , many of you without even knowing it ! From the big acts to the small  seemingly innocuous words- you have made a difference to every student that walks through those gates.
To name a few – Jackie young – a straight talker who challenges all her students to be better, Lloyd carpenter – who convinced me health has a better career than teaching ( you saved future generations from an average teacher) , mr mulligan- countless arguments about how useless Maths and physics were and I would never pick a career that involves either( oh the irony in that since I’m a radiographer ) and Margie foster who taught me to never give up, believe In Yourself and you can always beat the boys at anything
Thank you for everything you have done !

from Sarah Hudson

Thanks Emily Wilton,

Governors Bay School

The best netball teacher anyone could possibly have. You made netball fun and inspired us to be great netball players. If there was any teacher I could pick to be my coach again it would be you. Thank you for all your support!

from Saskia

Thanks Mrs Mortlock,

Governors Bay School

Thanks for my years with you. I loved art because it was always creative. When I am older, I will remember you.

from Saskia

Thanks Marleen Holmes,

Northland College

Thank you Mrs Holmes for all the wonderful and inspiring lessons. I loved being in your class not only as a subject but the many hours you spent helping us at lunchtimes and afterschool. I really put extra effort into my work both theory and practical and loved the indepth feedback you gave when you marked our work. You were always positive, motivating and put alot effort into your lessons. Thank you

from Suzanne Coleman